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We are SonicPicnic

SonicPicnic is a team of five inspired composers and sound designers. Since 2002 they’ve been creating soundtracks, sonic brands, audio experiences, sound effects, podcasts and audio campaigns for a great variety of clients, like museums, game studios, broadcast companies and brand agencies.

Studio Utrecht

Our studio where you’ll find us busy recording, sound designing, composing/producing music and mixing. A roomy recording studio is present, suitable for voice-overs as well as Foley recordings or small music ensembles. Finally the studio features 5.1 mixing facilities.


Experienced sound designer with a keen ear for detail, always seeking for perfection in his work.



Highly capable sound engineer and audio director as well as a very reliable project manager.



Versatile and inventive music composer and sound designer, often looking for fresh approaches to contribute to a project.


Skilled sound designer with a clear and practical approach to sound design and electronic music production.



Passionate composer skilled in creating haunting and resonating themes, be it subdued and small or expressive and grand.

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