Of course your're looking for stunning sound. But what is your goal? Would you like to immerse your audience in an experience? Would you like them to learn something? Do you want to share a point of view? Do you want to convince them? Amaze them? Challenge them?

What does your audience actually want? Who are they? What drives them? How should you respond to all that? And, finally... who are you? How do you convey to your audience what you stand for?

In short: what strategy will help you reach your goal?


Once we have a strategy, we're going to find our how to transform it into sound. Oftentimes there are many ways to do that. Would you like to go straight to your target, or would you prefer a road less traveled? Would you like to surprise or be solid in your approach?

In concert with you we will develop a number of concepts. Together we'll decide which concept matches your goal best. Once we've decided, we'll go all out in the next phase!


SonicPicnic has everything you need in-house. We've got comprehensive recording facilities, mixing studio's for 5.1 surround, and a shedload or two of synthesizers, guitars and other musical instruments.
We have lots of experience with all kinds of audio middle ware, adaptive sound, 3D / 8D sound and other spatial audio applications.

We've got a close network of instrumentalists and voice actors in several languages.
But above all, SonicPicnic is the five of us: the composers, sound designers and engineers that have been working together closely since many years, and that know exactly how to bring out the best in each other.

We have everything you need to convince and overwhelm your audience.


When our creations are complete and we can leave our studio for a breath of fresh air, our work is far from done. Depending on your wishes, we adapt the audio to any platform, speaker set-up and locations you need. In all conceivable formats. We're happy to visit the venue to think along, to test, to adapt.

Thanks to our broad knowledge and experience with interactive projects and installations, we're prepared to cope with every challenge this final stage of the project might throw our way.

We work for