Music composition

When it comes to music we’re totally eclectic: we turn to all possible styles and types of music. But in the end we want to find that specific note and sound, exactly that specific feeling that will fully reflect your project.

Sometimes it is clear from the get go what a project needs. Nice! Then we can get to work immediately using a specific style or approach, and that’s great and fun to do.
In other cases, more research is needed. We’ll listen and experiment to find out what could work. We give advice, look for musical examples and create demos to experience the effect of a particular form and type of music.

Once that’s clear, actual composing and producing can commence. A simple melody could evolve into a great orchestral piece. A short rhythm into a dance floor hit. A single sound into a wonderful sonic atmosphere. We sometimes even dare to write the occasional songtext…

We create our sounds with a huge arsenal of synthesizers, samplers, and plugins, but also guitars, effect pedals and self-soldered devices. And every now and again we have the opportunity to work with live musicians in our studio and even record complete symphony orchestras! (admittedly, our studios are a bit too small for that, but we have alternative locations to make that happen).

Music doesn’t always have to start at the beginning. We create a lot of non-linear music for games and interactive installations. Music made up of components that are composed in such a way that they fit side by side or on top of each other in different ways. Enabling them to respond seamlessly to the situation of that specific moment. Sometimes these components could even form a set of building blocks, enabling the player or visitor to create their own, completely new music track out of them!

Ultimately, it’s all about whether the music works. Does it bring the viewer into the right flow? Does the player feel with the character and its environment? Does it give the film a different or deeper perspective?

This is what we like to do and what we’re good at. We’d love to see you soon and make ourselves heard!

All services in a row

Music composition

We excel in many different styles and genres. Our music gives your story the energy and depth it deserves.

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Sound design

Whatever you have in mind, we’ll make it come alive by giving it a unique sound.

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Audio post production

Sound, voice, music: we combine it into an ear-catching mix. In our perfectly equipped studios (almost) anything is possible.

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With our vast experience, tight direction, a large voice talent database and excellent teamwork, we can assure you we’ll always nail the perfect take.

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Audio concepts

Making great sounds is one thing. But thinking about it starts much earlier. We know how to use sound to really make a difference.

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Audio implementation

We make your game, app or installation sound as good as possible. No technical challenge can hold us back.

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