Many of our projects need their own voice. A voice telling about a new product, or instructing viewers and listeners, or bringing characters and monsters to life. Sometimes dialogue needs to be recorded in sync with lip movements on screen – which is called ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement).

Oftentimes the recorded voice is leading for all other elements of a project: the edit of the animation or film adapts to the voice lines, as do the music and sound design. In other cases, the voice recording is one of the final steps in a project. Then the voice talent needs to time their lines with what happens on screen.
But no matter when the voice talent is being involved in the project, almost every time their contribution will be the primary element of a soundtrack, providing important information to the viewer and listener, that should be clearly audible at all times. So choosing the right voice for your project is therefore extremely important!

Some clients have a clear view on what kind of voice they would like, but if that isn’t the case, we can help out. We have a huge voice talent database and a network of agents, so we’ll most certainly be able to find exactly the right talent for your project.
The talents we work with are professional and consistent. We work with most of them on a regular base, so we know exactly what areas they excel in.
We’ll always provide you with multiple options to choose from, so you yourself can see to it that the right voice will be cast for the job.

Our database of voice talents isn’t restricted to just the Dutch language. We have an extensive selection of so called native speaking talents in all kinds of languages, including English, German, French and Spanish. Some of which speak multiple languages – which is great if you need your project to be voiced in several languages.

And if a voice can’t make it to our studio, we have options to record from a distance, with all directional and communicative options at hand to ensure the perfect recording.

We have a great deal of experience in recording and editing voices, and did hundreds of recordings in the past years, with just as many voice talents. If desired, we could take on the role of director and steer the talent in exactly the right direction, to create the perfect take, together with you.

This is what we like to do and what we’re good at. We’d love to see you soon and make ourselves heard!

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