Eye trap IFFR

Music for a river

SonicPicnic was part of project Eyetrap: the view of the river Maas as a live film, directed by acclaimed artist Germaine Kruip. SonicPicnic composed, together with 10 other composers the musical soundtrack for this unusual film. The music is played live during the film by the Metropole orchestra.

SonicPicnic’s contribution was titled ‘Slowness’. Time and the water of the Maas both flow past in slow, wavelike motions. Streams of small patterns emerge from the waves and glitter before being swallowed again. All the while the piece slowly builds to a climax.

Eyetrap was a unique event that occured during the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012 in the Cruise Terminal of Rotterdam.

Eyetrap is an initiative of MiMM, Germaine Kruip, IFFR en the Metropole orchestra.

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