Music! – Compose A Popsong

Music! is an interactive exhibition about, indeed, music! What does it do to you, how does it work and how do you make it? It doesn't have to be hard...

For the "Compose a Popsong" installation, we developed a playful tool together with Yipp that lets you make your own hit in various styles in no time. What parts does a pop song consists of? What instruments are being used? How do you make it unforgettable?
First, you make a couple of verses, a chorus and a bridge using sounds that make you want to move. Then it's time to perform your song, combined with a virtuous solo and catchy samples over it if you like! Is this the hit song that stays in your head forever? Then mail it to yourself and share it with the world!

Together with Yipp, we came up with the musical concept and we made all the sound components for this installation that will be on display in the coming years in LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn, the Museon The Hague, Landesmuseum Braunschweig and Limburgs Museum Venlo.

What sound can we design for you?

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