Remembering Prototype

SonicPicnic joined forces with Monobanda to create a short, experimental game. The game is an audio driven exploration and it feels somewhat like a half forgotten dream. Strange, but also vaguely familiar.

Sound is a fundamental pillar for the game. Subtly changing soundscapes are combined with minimal visuals, aiming to bring players a personal poem of memories and imagination.

This iteration of the game is not the finished version, but the fully playable and offically released prototype.
Although this version has only reached a small audience so far, the music score created by SonicPicnic has already been adapted for and performed by the Ludwig Ensemble during the first ‘Indie Games Concert’. The game has received a lot of praise from players around the globe.

Download the game at the Remembering website:

Follow development progress on the official Facebook page:

Listen to the music, performed live by the Ludwig ensemble:

What sound can we design for you?

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Bezig met versturen