Rude Awakening

Epic spiritual journey

This upcoming feature length and cinematic documentary-film explores the age old questions: What is awakening? What are we awakening from? And what happens after awakening?

We hear the personal stories of six people that are going through this journey, shining a new light on the untold story of what comes after awakening. It covers the process and the potential difficulties one might face when embarking on the very personal journey of self-discovery, realization or enlightenment. No gurus, mind tricks, self-hypnosis, single truths or absolute opinions! Cinematic, humorous, raw and honest "spirituality" unlike any you've ever seen.
We took care of the audio post production for this featurette directed and produced by Jonathan Kray, Jorge Andrade and Sandra Roggermann. We worked on the sound design, mixing and music composition in collaboration with Dutch singer/songwriter Gabriella Schreuder Hes.

Commissioned by Soulfood Films.

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